Saturday, 8 March 2008

Stondon Massey: Nathaniel Ward

Rector of Stondon Massey (1626 – 1633).

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Anonymous said...

I wanted to contact you but I couldn't find an email link.
Just to say what a well researched and presented blog you have created. I have included it in the links on my site for Blackmore.

I started off a few years ago creating pages for Kelvedon Hatch, but I seem to have got a little carried away with it and spread out to all of Essex!


Andrew Smith said...

Thank you for your comments. You are the first person to leave a comment so I am delighted and will now learn how these comments are published.

I have set up my 'Google' blog so that I am sent an E mail and can moderate comments before posting. The reason for this is simple: it prevents those who want to add words incompatible with a site like this one. You know what I mean. However, I have not restricted those who can comment. They just have to get through the censor first!!

I know, for example, that the local school does a history project. I would want all parents to be confident that this is a safe site.

If you give me your E mail address, I will not publish it unless asked.

Thanks too for your comments on the content of the blog. I have your link posted here but will also put this on my 'Links' posting, which will be regularly updated.

As an Essex man my interest in local history is wider than Blackmore and even the boundary I have drawn for this blog. The main thing is enjoyment and sharing what we know, so why not get "carried away"!