Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Diary of Montague Hardwick Knott, 1957 (33)

Wednesday 11.9.57

Sunday continued a happy day. There was a good number out in the evening – 40-50. Felt my recent sermons have been too much on the side of human failure & that I should now present more of the love & power of God.  Have tried faithfully to expound the appointed lessons & that has been the emphasis but shall try to make some change next week.  Popped into Shoreys for half an hour for an exchange of news.  H felt too tired to come.

Called on Ted Clack on way to the office on Monday. Ted gave me some photos of B’m taken from the air. We hope we may make up some calendars for Xmas using the photos. Business is rather slow.


Yesterday, I was busy with correspondence in am & in pm went to B’m. […]

I called on the Hartleys. Mrs H not at all well. The house is progressing but I guess it will be a month before we are in. Had tea w the Newsons & after, took my first banns parties in B’m. Then spoke at the Baptist C.E. Harvest Th’giving.

Had a nasty skid on way back in heavy rain. Skidded out of side land into main road. Luckily nothing was near or it could have been serious. Am grateful to God for my preservation. Was glad to get home.  This long drive is proving trying.

This am I went to St M E17 & took H.C. assisted by Andrew Bowman. It was like going home. Went on to coffee at Ch Hse. Saw the High twins, Derek Wood, John Robinson, Mrs Kemp, Mrs Dowling & a host of others. H & I are due there on Tuesday evening next for a little presentation. Called on Mrs Dru whom I promised to visit whilst still at St M’s was glad I did so. Felt I was able to help.

More work at my desk in the pm.

[Diary ends]

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