Sunday, 29 April 2012

Ongar: An extract from the Commonplace Book of Edward Reeve c1860

A Highwayman well mounted stopt a Carriage in which was a gentleman alone, the highwayman with a diamond ring upon his finger, presented a Pistol at him from the window and politely said to him, “The price of this Pistol is five guineas”.  As soon as he had received the money, and delivered up the pistol, the gentleman exclaimed: “Now you rascal, unless you immediately return me the five guineas, I will assuredly blow your brains out”.  “Fire away Sir”, was the answer, “it is not loaded and I wish you a very good night”.

Another Highwayman stopt the Carriage of a Nobleman and said, “I have heard my Lord you have frequently declared you never would be robbed by a single highwayman”.  “Nor will I,” he said, “there are two of you”.  When the highwayman looked back he shot him dead.

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