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Blackmore: Longbourne Family

17 July 2010


I am currently researching an ancestor of mine who lived in Blackmore named William Thomas Longbourne. He owned the Jericho Priory in Blackmore in the 1840s and 1850s. Similarly, his half-brother, Charles Ranken Vickerman, mother, Ann Freemantle Longbourne Vickerman, and other family are listed as living on Church Street in Blackmore in the 1851 census before moving to Mountnessing.

Do you have any information on the Longbourne/Vickerman families who lived in Blackmore? I am based in London and if you have an office or centre in Blackmore, I'd love to visit.

Thank you so much for your help,
Nick Perkins

18 July 2010

Hello Nick

Thanks for your enquiry. I should start by saying that ‘Blackmore Area Local History’ is not a business but a forum to record and exchange information on family, local and social history for this part of Essex. I do this as a keen amateur historian for pleasure.

For information about your family, a good starting would be the page on the main website devoted to Jericho Priory, which stands in Church Street by the Priory Church of St Laurence, in Blackmore ( ). Additionally the Names Index gives references to Longbourne and Vicerman ( ). You need to be aware that Jericho Priory, Jericho House and Blackmore House are all names for the same premises.

During the course of research into the Priory Church of St Laurence, I discovered your family held the advowson, the right to appoint the parish priest at Blackmore, from 1887 to 1899, succeeding the Crickitt (or Crickett) family. They made only one appointment, that of Revd. Walter Layton Petrie in 1888, who remained Vicar until 1922.

Reverend Thomas Raffles Hoskin succeeded Reverend William Callender on 25th May 1883. He was appointed by the Bishop of St Albans, “by reason lapse”. He died whilst Vicar and was succeeded by Walter Layton Petrie on 5th May 1888, “on the presentation of John Vickerman Longbourne of Peacocks in the Parish of Margaretting”. [Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies. DSA 1/14/1 f318]

On 2nd February 1899, “the advowson a perpetual right of patronage of and the presentation to the Church and Cure” was transferred from “Charles Rankin Vicerman Longbourne, of Number 7 Lincolns Inn Fields in the County of Middlesex, Solicitor, and his heirs and assigns … to be vested in the Bishop for the time being of the said Diocese of Saint Albans … the Right Reverend John Wogan. [This] will in our opinion tend to make better provision for the cure of Souls in the parish”. The document is in the Essex Record Office [ERO D/C/Pc96].

Best wishes


21 July 2010


Thanks so much for your help. Do you know of a local history or genealogy society in the Blackmore area? Thanks for all the work you have done on the website.


23 July 2010

Hello Nick

Blackmore does not have a local history, heritage of genealogy group. The nearest history societies are at Ingatestone, Brentwood, Ongar and the High Country, the latter of which I am a committee member. Stock’s history society gives more emphasis to family history. In the neighbouring parish of Willingale the village has just launched a ‘Willingale Community Archive Project’.

Thanks for your kind comments on the website. Hopefully this fills the gap.



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