Monday, 9 November 2009

Blackmore: Remembering the Second World War (1)

8 November 2009

Hi Andrew.

Next question.

Why do we have no names recorded in Blackmore for the fallen in WW2? Is it that there were none from the village?

If so why is Joy Kathleen Woollard not recorded?

Do you know the story around her death?

I went to the churchyard this evening to pay my respects. It was lovely to see that the children of Blackmore had left there own poppy. Sadly Jacob Wiltshire did not get one. Is that because he died in 1923?


9 November 2009

Hello Diana

I have not done any research on the Second World War so am not able to answer your questions. Clearly there must have been a decision made by the Parish Council not to add the names of those who died in the Second World War to the War Memorial on The Green. The list of those who served, as are listed on the War Memorial for the First World War, would be too long to include.

In the Church there are two fading framed lists containing the names of those who were “On Active Service”. The list is published on the village website ( ) but I will duplicate this onto the site soon.

At the Remembrance Sunday service at the Priory Church of St Laurence [Blackmore] yesterday one of the youth leaders told the congregation that four large poppies were left over having made the tribute for the War Memorial and that the children would place these at the graves of Ted Sutton, William Scudder (commemorated on his father’s grave), Joy Kathleen Woollard and Jacob Wiltshire. The leader further that an enquiry would be made with the War Graves Commission to see whether Jacob Wiltshire would “qualify” for a standard Portland Stone carved memorial. Having reflected on your query I believe that there should have been five poppies. Frank Monk (died 1921) is a further war victim. Perhaps he was remembered with a poppy. I haven’t checked.


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