Friday, 27 November 2009

Blackmore: Jericho Cup 1940

A Silver Cup (illustrated) was recently sold on E Bay for £9.99 (plus postage). It was presented by Lady Rickitt who owned Jericho Priory during the Second World War. I am not sure she actually lived there because the property was commandeered for military use, certainly during the latter part of the conflict when the Americans were at their air base at Willingale. As the seller says, it is “an interesting illustration of the retention of village events”, and indeed a tangible reminder of those times. I did not know of the event.

“This is a silver plated trophy goblet with great local interest. It stands 19cm (7.5 inches) in height and is engraved 'Jerico Cup Blackmore Vegetables Only Presented by Lady Rickett 1940'. This relates to the village of Blackmore in Essex where Lord and Lady Rickett were prominent local gentry occupying Jerico Priory. Also an interesting illustration of the retention of traditional village events such as flower and vegetable shows during war time.”

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