Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Blackmore: William Barlow, Prior

In 1509, William Barlow, a Canon at Blackmore and St Osyth resigned (26th May) to become Prior of Tiptree. He was Prior of Bromehill, Weeting, Norfolk when it was suppressed by Wolsey (in 1528). In 1529 Barlow was employed by Henry VIII and engaged in diplomacy in France, Rome and later Scotland. He became a strong reformer: he is on record for having preached at St Paul’s Cathedral, London against the use of images and is credited for translating portions of scripture into English. William Barlow then held a number of senior posts in the new Church of England, the final being Bishop of Chichester, where he died in 1568 and is buried next to the former shrine of Richard.

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