Friday, 24 April 2009

Blackmore: Augustinian Priory

As part of our Henry VIII season ....

British History Online provides some interesting information on the Augustinian Priory at Blackmore. After the dissolution all but the Nave, which has always been used by the people of Blackmore, was destroyed. It is now the Priory Church of St Laurence.

The Victoria County History Vol II (1907) covers religious places in Essex. The House of Austin Canons – Blackmore can be found under:

John de Pleyces, one of the Priors at Thoby Priory, Mountnessing (appointed 1306) was also a Canon at Blackmore.

Blackmore Priory was granted by King Henry VIII to Waltham Holy Cross in 1532.

In relation to the Priory at Little Leighs we learn that John Webb, prior of Leighs in 1479, had also been a Prior at Blackmore and that Thomas Ellys (Ellis) who was elected in 1527, and was to be the last Prior of Leighs, was presented as the Vicar of Blackmore in 1538.

VCH Vol VIII (1983) mentions under the parish of South Weald that Boyles once belonged to Blackmore Priory.

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