Thursday, 5 February 2009

Area: Victoria County History - Ongar Hundred (1)

British History Online ( has published Volume IV of the ‘Victoria County History’ (VCH) of Essex which concentrates on the Hundred of Ongar. It was edited by W R [Ray] Powell (1920 – 2008). Volume IV was first published in 1956.

The Ongar Hundred comprises 26 parishes, generally to the north and west of Blackmore. (Blackmore lies within the ancient Chelmsford Hundred which has not, to date, been the subject of a survey by the project). Neighbouring villages covered by VCH are High Ongar, Norton Mandeville and Stondon Massey.

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A description of Ongar Hundred:

Other items of interest are:
Medieval Tax Assessments:
Hearth Tax Assessments (1662, 1670, 1674):
Bishop Compton’s Census of 1676:

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