Thursday, 11 December 2008

Blackmore: Local History Books Available

Over recent years I have written a number of booklets.
All are sold in aid of church funds.
Available from the Priory Church of St Laurence, Blackmore.
Selected copies available from:
Megarry’s Antique Shop, The Green and,
St Peter & St Paul Church, Stondon Massey.
Price £1.50 each.
Please enquire if you would like items sent by post.

Blackmore: A Short History. The 40-page book contains an extended version of the ‘Through Changing Scenes’ script. This was a performance of the history of Blackmore (Essex) in words and music.

Stondon Massey. A Short History. Two volumes (£3). 88 pages. The text features the work of Revd. Reeve (1858 – 1936), one-time Rector of Stondon Massey and amateur local historian. New chapters bring the village story up to date.

William Byrd. Some Notes. 20 pages. The booklet draws on various sources to tell the life and work of this great Elizabethan composer.

Revd. E.H.L. Reeve: Chronicler Of The Great War. A contemporary record of Stondon Massey (Essex) and its neighbourhood: 1914 - 1918. 64 pages. Reeve wrote notes for a parish history of Stondon Massey through to 1929. In this previously unpublished work, he chronicles life in this neighbourhood during the First World War.

The Bell Tower At Blackmore. 32 pages. This gives a layman’s guide to this magnificent structure as well as the work undertaken to ascertain the date of its construction.

Hatched, Matched & Despatched. 20 pages. A brief survey of Blackmore’s Baptism, Marriage and Burial Registers since the first surviving entry in 1602. Text can now be found on

A Guide To The Priory Church of St Laurence, Blackmore. Our church guide book.

Black Thursday: The Essex Storm of 1897. 20 pages. The story of the Midsummer hail-storm which devastated this part of Essex.

Blackmore Remembers. 20 pages. A collection of notes about the First World War and of those who gave their lives.

Stondon Massey Remembers. 20 pages. A collection of notes about the First World War and of those who gave their lives.

Other books in the Series

The Priory Church of St Laurence, Blackmore
A Complete History:
Part 1: From Domesday to Dissolution. 1086 to 1540
Part 2: The Parish Church and the People. 1540 to 1720
Part 3: Georgian Blackmore. 1720 to 1837
Part 4: Victorian and Edwardian Blackmore. 1837 to 1922
Part 5: Recent Times. 1922 to 2007

The Smyth Family at Blackmore

Life as an Essex Agricultural Labourer: 1840 to 1920 *

A Population Study: Blackmore. 1841 to 1901 **

* To be published January 2009
** Planned work

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