Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Area: "High Country History Group" Journal No 31

The Quarterly Journal of the High Country History Group has just been issued to members. It contains a number of items about and beyond the local area including:
- White’s Directory of Essex 1848: Theydon Garnon
- Piggotts and Rockets
- Stanford Rivers School Foundation Committee 1851
- What the Papers Say
- Mrs Charles Hunter, of Hill Hall
- Revd. E H L Reeve – Chronicler of the Great War (previously published on this blog)
- Events following the Armistice (previously published on this blog)
- England in the Days of Old (previously published on this blog)
- The Magic Lantern

Magic Lantern Show. On 4 December members and friends of the High Country History Group enjoyed a special evening given by Richard Rigby, Secretary of the Magic Lantern Society. Richard and his wife, dressed in costume, took the audience back to the days before wireless and television showing a variety of slides dating from the Edwardian era and before using a contemporary projector. Members saw a comedy slide show of a short and tall man going on a picnic only to be chased by a tiger; the traveller in bed at Epping, who when he snored swallowed a rat – it causing outrage to the sensitive Victorians; scenes of London and a story warning of the dangers of ‘The Bottle’. Seasonal refreshments were served and profits for this ticket event were divided between the Essex Air Ambulance and Haven Hospice.

For a copy of the High Country History Group Journal you need to be a member. This costs £6 per year (£9 for family). In addition a series of talks are held at Toot Hill Village Hall during the winter season (members £1, non members £2 – includes coffee and biscuits) a summer walk or visit is organised.

For membership and further information contact this blog.

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