Thursday, 15 May 2008

Blackmore: Will of Sir Peter Siggiswyk

Produced for the Transactions of the Essex Archaeology Society (Vol. XXI, Part 2) in 1937 by Revd. G Montagu Benton, M.A., F.S.A.

SIGGISWYK, SIR PETER - 14 August, 1503. Of good will and mind. I bequeath my soul to Almighty God, and my body to be buried in the chapel of our Lady in the priory of St. Laurence of Blakmore [Blackmore, Essex]. To the resting of my body there, 10s. To a bell, 6s.8d. To every brother serving God within the church of Blakmore, 6s. 8d.. To the church of Norton [Norton Mandeville], 20s. To the church of Bernese [Berners Roding], 20s. To the church of High Oungre [High Ongar], 13s. 4d., to have my obit kept in the same church 2 years. To a priest singing there, 8d. To “every church w’in the deynery of Oungre hundredth [within the deanery of the Ongar Hundred], every church severally by himself, vjs. viijd. [6s. 8d.], for to kepe my obit at my moneth’s day.” To every godchild within the shire of Essex 6s. 8d. To Shellowe “brigge,” 6s. 8d. To the bridge of Cheppyng Oungre, 10s. To Grasse bridge, betwixt Bernards Rodyng [Berners Roding] and Becheme [Beauchamp Roding], 3s. 4d. To Peter Siggiswike, my kinsman. v marks [5 marks = £3. 6s. 8d.] of money and my honest bed; also the best pot save one, a pan, a pewter dish, a platter and a saucer. To John Gibbis, 6s. 8d. I will that my house in Becham Rodyng [Beauchamp Roding] remain to the church of Beeham Rodyng by the space of 40 years, yearly keeping my obit, paying yearly to the curate, 8d., by the sight of the churchwardens, with remainder to my next of kin. To Richard Here and Marget, his wife, all my household and all my “catalls” (? chattels) and my corn in my barns and in my garners, paying at Michaelmas next coming to the prioress of Stretford bowe [Stratford Bow], 40s.
Overseers: Richard Mapull; Richard Here; Sir John Stoley. Witnesses Sir Rauffe, parson of Shelley ; Sir William Wilson, parson of Greensted.

Proved 3 October, 1503, before Mr. Roger Church. (F. 218b; also P.C.C., Blanyr 24.)

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