Friday, 27 June 2014

Blackmore: Augustinian Priory

Augustinian Priory

“Historic Custuming” by Nevil Truman Pitman p143 Habit Austin Canons. Black tunic, tight sleeved rochet w[ith] girdle. Black cloak & small hood. Black biretta.

Scenes & Characters of the Middle Ages by Rev. E. L. Cutts p18 Chap. 3 The August’n Orders. Augustinian Order founded c850 A.D. by decree of Leo III & Emperor Lothaire. Suggested rule compiled by Ivo de Chartres from writings of Augustine of Hippo. Augs. divided into
Canons Secular. Clergy of cathedral & collegiate churches who lived in community on monastic model.
Habit: Long black cassock, Surplice (for divine service), Fur tippet (almuce) (for divine service), Black cloak and hood, Leather girdle.

Canons Regular. Enyol de Provins says “among them one is well shod, well clothed & well fed.  Came to England time of Henry I. Eventually 216 houses of that order. 

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