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Blackmore: Thomas Read Hull

Hidden grave of Thomas Read Hull
Received   1 February 2014

I wonder if you can advise me as to whether there is a memorial in the churchyard in Blackmore for my great Grandfather Thomas Reed Hull - who lived in Jericho house around 1900?
With many thanks
Charlie Hull

Replied   3 February 2014
Hello Charlie

Thank you for your e mail.  According to the parish burial register, Thomas Read Hull of The ‘Priory’ Blackmore was buried on 4 February 1915, aged 69. Other Hull entries in the register are:
Alice Janet Hull, of 38 Florence Road, Boscombe. Buried 28 June 1920, aged 44.
Alice Ellen Hull, “57 Drayton Gardens, Kensington (late of Blackmore)”, Buried 17th Nov 1924, aged 77.

The whereabouts of their grave puzzled me. By chance or coincidence, I was visiting the Essex Record Office today and knew that it has in the archive a book of ‘Monumental Inscriptions for St Laurence, Blackmore’ (ERO T/Z 151/109) produced by the Essex Family History Society. It is dated 1997. There is another copy in the church safe which I saw about 10 years ago.  It gives the location of every grave and inscription to that date.  Your great grandfather is buried in a grave in a tight corner of the churchyard to the right of the public footpath which runs through it.  The graves are very overgrown.  I took a couple of photos before nightfall, and attach them.

The inscriptions, which I could not see, but were recorded by the EFHS as:

150 Kerb with corner post and large cross lying flat.
East end: Thomas Read Hull / born December 16 1845 died January 31 1915
North side: also his wife Alice Ellen Hull / born June 27 1847, died November 12 1924 /

151 Kerb with large cross lying flat [tight in the corner of the churchyard]
East end: Alice Janet Hull / born 26th January 1876 died 23rd June 1920.

For notes which I took at the ERO ten years ago, Mr J R Hull gave a strip of land 36 feet wide to the west of the public footpath, setting aside a plot for himself by the entrance.  This was in 1899. (ERO D/C/C50/2).

Photograph taken in Vicarage Garden
celebrating the restoration of
St Laurence Church, Blackmore
His name also appears as Chairman of the meeting held to elect and form a Parish Council on 4 December 1894. He did not become a Parish Councillor. (ERO D/P 266/11)

The third picture is dated 9 June 1902 which must have a picture of your relatives on it – probably at the centre. Please let me know if you recognise them.

I hope this is all useful. It has been interesting to fill some gaps.


Received  4 February 2014

Dear Andrew.

Thank you so very much for this. I was delighted to receive this information - us armchair sleuths have a great deal to be grateful for to people like yourself.

I have a memory of visiting The Priory with my Father (Read Hull's grandson) - the house was then called Jericho and my father was brought up there with his sister by his paternal uncle and aunt. I don't remember finding the grave so your photos are indeed valuable to me.

I was aware of the splendid photograph - but only recently - and my brother thought I bore a striking resemblance to one of the maiden aunts. But that's brothers for you.

I intend to visit Blackmore soon so I will go and pay my familial respects to Great Grandad.

With very many thanks for your interest and time.

Charlie Hull

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