Thursday, 4 October 2012

Blackmore: Wayside Tea Rooms (3)

Received 14 July 2012
Hi Andrew,

Thank you for all the information on Blackmore, very interesting!! 

You have now opened real confusion within me, I will explain.  From baby days until I was about 6 (1942-1947) I lived in a white painted dwelling which was of the same wooden design structure as the Wayside tea rooms in your photo, and it was definitely opposite the school. The room used as the 'tearoom' was derelict and I had a swing slung from the ceiling in there, I remember birds would often fly into that room which was situated on the eastern aspect of the building. I can remember that the walls in the living room were painted with blue distemper and sponge dabbed with pink, whether we did that or it was already there I have no idea. I think the door we used as a front door was straight out onto the road, simply because I cannot remember any other door. What I also remember very vividly, was that I could stand on a landing, and from a window I could see the children in the playground. In your photo there are trees opposite 'Wayside' hence my confusion. Could 'Wayside' have stood near the corner of the road so that the southern aspect faced the school and the eastern aspect faced trees? If only I had a photo!!  We had neighbours to the west of us (same side of road) but none to the right, and a row of cottages to the south-west on the opposite side of the road. I can remember the layout quite well. If I was clever enough I could draw a plan as I remember it, to make it more clear to you, and I may try after I have sent this off.

I was not quite 3 and a half when I heard that awful aeroplane crash, still shudder at the memory! Is it possible for you give me a grid reference of the exact spot where it came down please?  I feel it was just to the north of us.

I really appreciate your response to my initial enquiry.  It’s a mystery that has bugged me for many years.  I just wish that there were old archives on the school. So now the real mystery, were the tearooms opposite the school or was I living in an ordinary house and not the tearooms???

We also had evacuees with the names Ivy and Maisy.

Again, many thanks.
Val Stevens

Replied 15 July 2012
Hello Val

This is very interesting and something which I think can be answered, if I collect together what is known about the immediate vicinity. 

A couple of questions: what was your surname at the time; and, do you remember of names of your neighbours (eg Blackwells)?


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