Monday, 17 September 2012

Galleywood: James Jobson

James Jobson
Essex Police
“James Jobson as a young constable stationed at Dunmow about 1900.  Lost his job at Galleywood Races, for removing helmet and tunic and fighting with a man called Alabaster – a Romford tough.  Fight lasted a considerable time, as both men were rough and tough.  The winner by only a small margin by James Jobson – took £2 prize money.  Earned a living by navvying, leading heavy stud stallions around Essex during the breeding season – March to May.  Finally became the landlord of public house on the edge of Galleywood Common till retirement. Died 87 years.  Was a very close fisted man – moneywise. Inclined to get out of debt by threat of bodily violence.”

I checked whether this story was true with Essex Police archives.

Many thanks for this.  I have checked our records for Jobson.

James W. Jobson
born Writtle circa 1874.
Previous occupation Labourer.
Joined Essex Constabulary 1 January 1898.
Left 31 March 1898.

He is shown as having resigned from the Force.  There is no indication as to the reason.  If he had been dismissed in the circumstances you outline, then it would have been shown in the comments.

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