Monday, 22 February 2010

Willingale: War Memorial

Work continues to establish the names and family histories of those who gave their lives in the Great War from Blackmore, Essex. Although 21 are named on the War Memorial the number under investigation with links to the village numbers over 40. This excludes the further 81 who are recorded on the Memorial as those who served and returned home.

One of the names under investigation is Wallace King, who is recorded on the War Memorial at High Ongar as well as Willingale.

The War Memorial for Willingale Doe and Shellow Bowells covers those who died in both the First and Second World Wars, and also pays tribute to the American Airmen who were stationed there in the 1940s. It stands in the churchyard.

The names are not recorded on the Internet so to make amends photographs of the Memorial will, from now, appear on the Willingale page of the ‘Blackmore Area Local History’ website. Go to We will remember them.

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