Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Stapleford Tawney: Church Records at Hertford

Bound Diocesan records for the period 1877 to 1914 are held at the ‘Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies’ at the County Council offices in Hertford. Whilst searching for information on Blackmore, I came across the following information relating to the High Country parishes.

Stapleford Tawney

Stapleford Tawney. Co Essex. Petition for consecration of addition to churchyard. [1882] To the Right Reverend Father in God Thomas Legh by Divine Permission Lord Bishop of St Albans – The humble Petition of the Rector Churchwardens and certain Inhabitants of the Parish of Stapleford Tawney in the county of Essex and your Lordship’s Diocese – Sheweth that the Churchyard of the Parish of Stapleford Tawney aforesaid is so full of graves that it requests enlargement – That by a Deed dated the twentieth of July One thousand eight hundred and eighty two under the hand and seal of Sir William Bowyer Smyth Baronet of Hill Hall in the parish of Theydon Mount in the said County and under the authority of the “Consecration of Churchyards Act 1867” a piece of ground in the parish of Stapleford Tawney aforesaid containing one the North side or end thereof next Stapleford Tawney School House Garden sixty feet or thereabouts on the East side or end thereof next the High Road, running from Passingford Bridge to Stapleford Tawney Common one hundred feet or thereabouts on the south side or end thereof adjoining part of Stapleford Tawney Churchyard seventy five feet or thereabouts and on the west side or end thereof next to and adjoining the other part of the said Churchyard ninety five feet or thereabouts and which said piece of ground is more particularly delineated … That the said piece of ground so conveyed as aforesaid is suitably situate adjoining the said Churchyard and has been properly levelled and added to and enclosed with the said Churchyard and is now fit and proper condition for interments and may advantageously form part of the said Churchyard – Your Petitioners therefore humbly pray your Lordship will be pleased to consecrate the said piece of ground …
Lewis W Prance Rector of Stapleford Tawney and Theydon Mount. Chas Smith. A Churchwarden for the parish of Stapleford Tawney. W Sworder Churchwarden. John Lovell Fry. Cornell Fitch. Daniel Miller. Miller Bros. Jacob Miller [HALS DSA 1/15/3. Muniment Book 1882 – 1885. f71].

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