Monday, 14 April 2008

Stondon Massey: 'Sacred Music' round up

What others have written about the BBC FOUR series which ended on 11 April 2008:

The Sixteen – the choir contributing to this series.

‘Music for grown ups’ reviews programme two on Palestrina

‘Ikon Arts Management’ provides overview to ‘Sacred Music’ series

The blog spot for the Diocese of Leeds Music Department – ‘Psallite Domino’ - says how wonderful the series is.

Rosie Bell on programme one; ‘The Gothic Revolution’.

The Daily Record (Glasgow) previews programme three: ‘Tallis, Byrd and the Tudors’

BBC Radio 3. Early Music Show. ‘Tallis and Byrd in London’ (broadcast Sunday 6 April 2008).

‘Forest Murmurs’. Father Brown on programme three: ‘Tallis, Byrd and the Tudors’
“What made it particularly interesting from a Catholic point of view was that the programme focused on the Catholic loyalties of the two men under an Anglican government. Most of the analysis of Byrd`s music was of his Catholic output and it was interesting to see the Petre`s family home at Ingatestone which was an important recusant centre in Essex.”
‘Petros’ gleans a review of programmes one to three.

‘Music for grown ups’ previews the final programme in the series (‘Bach for beginners?’).
Gerry Smith (no relation) described the English programme as “dull”. “Not if you live in Stondon Massey, Essex, Gerry! But good on you for mentioning the series”. It was fabulous.

‘A few words from Rob Mansfield’: a review of programme four and an appreciation of the ‘Toccata and Fugue in D minor’.

‘Scribo Ergo Sum’ contributor Ali Gledhill reviews the whole series
“Sacred Music has provided an important gateway for people who know nothing about the music they may be only faintly familiar with. It is a pity that so few people will have watched the series, although it is encouraging that the Radio Times has featured the programme each week as a ‘choice’”.

From Norwich. It’s the blog of the week! Simon-Peter Davies on the series.

A retrospective entry summarising ‘Sacred Music’ (the TV series) on Wikipedia

Although not specifically about the series, Chris Butler has written some notes about Byrd, Tallis and other composers with listening recommendations. ‘Classical music. For an idiot. By an idiot’ – I think not. A well written opus!

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