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Blackmore: Notes from the Parish Registers

Notes from Blackmore Registers, pre 1812 from the Browne transcript kept at Blackmore; subsequently from registers in Essex Record Office

Nurse Children
Christopher Tucke son of Charles of London, a nurse child with Tho
30th May

Thomas Baule son of Richd  of London a nurse child with Thomas Grove 3 June

(Blank) Whight of London nurse child of Thos Willit 13 May

(Blank) (Blank) a nurse child of London with Thomas White (May) or (June)

William Glinne a nurse child with Thos Browne of Fryerning (Dec or Jan)

John son of Elizabeth Powton of Blackmore wife of Isaac 2-5-1819
Charles son of Robert Groves and Elizabeth Powton wife of Isaac 2-8-1829
Joseph son of Robert Groves and Elizabeth Powton of Fryerning 11-9-1831 base born

Maria Harris daughter of Robert labourer Transported for life and Mary 19-3-1826

May Oakley son of May and Esther 11-3-1827. I have seen this male christian name in baptisms and marriages.

Selected occupations
Surgeon: George Spratt baptisms 1814, 1816.  Nathaniel Barlow 1833 – 1848
Schoolmaster: Henry Mullocks 1836-48
Cow doctor: Collop 1833 etc
Organ builder: Thomas King of High Ongar 1847
Drawing Instrument Maker: Francis Voisey of Blackmore 1856
Prostitute: Frederick base born son of Rebecca Sparrowhawk of Blackmore 31-10-1851
Fanny Piper illegitimate daughter of Eliza Sarah, domestic servant, of Blackmore born at Norton Mandeville. C. 19-2-1854

The following are not described as base born
Joseph Roast, son of John “Baker of Blackmore deserted his wife and family” and Harriet born at Writtle 26-10-1846 C. Blackmore 30-12-1855
and Sarah Ann, born at Writtle, Oct 1848. C. Blackmore 30-12-1855
Edward, born at Writtle 28-12-1852 C. Blackmore 30-12-1855
Charles Richard, born Chelmsford Union House C. Blackmore 30-12-1855 (and presumably an infant)

William Boones base son of Philip daughter in law to Giles Batsford, C. May 5th

1836-7 Six burials record the cause of death
Males: Oct A2 Inflammation, Nov A55 Liver complaint, A70 Dysentry, Jun A50 Drowned.

Females: Dec B2 Inflammation Jan B59 Dropsy.

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