Thursday, 29 December 2011

Ongar: An extract from the Commonplace Book of Edward Reeve c1860

The word ‘gentleman’ is an expressive word in our language, which describes the assemblage of many real virtues, of many qualities approaching nearly to virtue, and a union of manners, at once pleasing, and accommodating respect.

Take a peep behind the curtain which prudence draws over domestic inquietude, reflect on the many heart-aches that must attend a slender contracted income in this very refined age (1859) and think in such circumstances how external shew must be supported at the expense of internal and rational quiet.

The Robin is a bird whose good fortune is never to be mentioned without some kindly reference to his universal popularity and the decoration (his little red waistcoat) which renders him so easily recognised.

Shakespear says “Welcome ever smiles, but farewell goes out sighing”.

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