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Ingatestone: The Hyde

G Brodie follows up previous correspondence relating to The Hyde, Ingatestone (see ) and the page dedicated to the former school (see ) with this note.

Received  11 August 2011

I was a boarder at Gate House School from 1942 until 1951.  Mrs Smith was Miss Joan Clarke when she joined the school as sports teacher and would take us for football which was played in a field beyond the village cricket pitch and immediately over the railway bridge.  We later played opposite the school in Mythesdale Meadow (?spelling) next door to the house of a Major Peake.

Miss Bond was my teacher in the infants’ class and I remember her with great affection.  She introduced me to boxing by allowing us to sit up in  her study  and listen to the radio broadcasts of "the big fight" e.g.  from Haringay Arena - Bruce Woodcock v Freddie Mills,  commentary by Stuart McPherson with inter-round summaries from W. Barrington-Dalby.  I listened enraptured and follow boxing to this day.

Miss Heard took over the sports in Miss Clarke's absence and I recall her joy when our cricket team, of which I was captain, firstly beat the village team, then Sandon House, Chelmsford and then King Edward VI Grammar School.

Mr Askwith, the Boss, was an admirable Head Master. I Iooked up to him as I would have to a father. Miss Shorney, Matron, who stood no nonsense from the boys,  Mr Cook the music teacher lately returned from service in the Royal Navy during the war, Mrs Pretty the cook and Buzz the gardener, Jenny the much loved donkey (the Boss would let us ride her) and Mr Goose the station master who owned an orchard whose apples I scrumped!!

Church alternated fortnightly between Fryerning Church.  Mr Fuller was the vicar, and Ingatestone Church, Mr. Fuller the Rector.  I recall Michael Waldon and his brother coming to the school from Pernambuco and Recife, Brazil.  Swimming at the Chase Hotel set me off on cold water swimming which I now do in the Serpentine, Hyde Park, London.  I last met Chips Harrison and Brian Cristall in 1957 at The Hyde, after I had completed my National Service in the Life Guards. 

Replied 21 August 2011

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