Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Welcome to this month’s round-up of local history and heritage in and around Blackmore, Essex. Apologies for the lack of usual coverage as I have been working on the William Byrd Festival.
William Byrd Festival
The ‘William Byrd Festival’ will be held at St Peter & St Paul Church, Stondon Massey, on 7, 8, 14 & 15 May 2011. We have two weekends, four events, six occasions. Photographed are some of the Stondon congregation. Richard Turbet, a renowned expert in the field of Renaissance music will be our guest over the first weekend, giving a talk illustrated by the Stondon Singers in a recital on 7 May, and the address at the free-to-attend Morning Prayer Service the following morning. The Writtle Singers headline the next weekend with a concert on 14 May. Tickets are now on sale. For the latest information visit http://www.williambyrdfestival.blogspot.com.
William Byrd, Stondon Massey and the King James Bible
The WBF website includes an essay entitled ‘AV: William Byrd, Stondon Massey and the Authorised Version of the Bible’. To read this go to http://www.williambyrdfestival.blogspot.com
For an extensive list of links to other sites go to: http://www.blackmorehistory.co.uk/externallinks.html

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