Friday, 10 December 2010

Blackmore: the place-name Swallows Cross

9 October 2010

Marjorie wrote:

I am trying to find information about how SWALLOWS CROSS got its name for my father.

Information I've found so far, indicates that the area might have once belonged to a FRANCES and ANN SWALLOW (their names are mentioned in archives dated 1657 and 1768 and possibly named after them and may also have been part of THOBY PRIORY ESTATE.

I have enjoyed reading your pages very much...thank you

6 November 2010

Whilst waiting for some documents to arrive from the store at the Essex Record Office I took a look at P H Reaney’s ‘The Place Names of Essex’ (Cambridge, 1935).

The entry reads:

Swallows Cross, Blackmore

“Swallows Cross is Swallow Cross c.1702 Bramston”.

“Bramston (penes Essex Archaeological Society, Colchester)”.


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