Friday, 17 September 2010

Blackmore: Industrial Heritage

7 September 2010


Can you help I see on your site an aerial photo of Blackmore in the late 1950s.

Where was this copied from please?

I was a child there in that time and seek information regarding the concrete works that was situated behind Fingrith Hall Lane.

Thank you for any assistance.

David A Laughton

8 September 2010

Hello David

You can just make out the site of the concrete works on the aerial photograph of Blackmore ( ). (The photograph was found among church records as a calendar.) The site is now covered by Orchard Piece, a small housing estate which also took up the orchard to the rear of Poplars (aka Laurences), a house which stands on The Green. Orchard Piece was built about 1968. A resident once told me where the entrance to the site was off of Fingrith Hall Road, in filled by a house when Orchard Piece was completed.

I will post your enquiry on the blog to see whether anyone has any further information.


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