Thursday, 22 January 2009

Harlow: Ancient & Modern (7)

Harlowbury Chapel, a Grade I listed building, is on the outskirts of Harlow New Town. Its survival is probably due to alternative use. D W Coller wrote in his 'Peoples History of Essex' (1861):

"A large chapel was built close to the mansion - partly, it is probable, for the use of the tenants, and partly that the abbot and his followers might chant the mass and sing vesper hymns during their stay [en route to and from Bury St Edmunds from London]. This chapel still remains, with its fine circular headed door, and its small antique windows; but Mr Barnard, the owner and occupier of the estate, uses it, as it has been used for a number of years, for the purposes of a granary - sacks occupy the site of the altar, and the aisles and chancel receive the produce of the neighbouring fields".

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