Monday, 27 October 2008

Ninety Years On. Remembering the First World War (15)

Extract from ‘Notes For A Parish History’ (ERO T/P 188/3) written by Revd. E. H. L Reeve of Stondon Massey (Essex).

27th October 1918

A Mr Briscoe with his wife and child has come to the farm-house at Little Myles. He was some time ago badly injured in the spine and head by the explosion of a mine in France which has rendered him unfit for travelling to London as he did before the War, and for brain-work in the City. He is to do light work, but at times is prostrate through effects of the shock. It seems doubtful if he will ever entirely recover strength and has lost weight.

General Allenby has taken Aleppo, the great junction of the Baghdad railway, and has thus cut off the communication of the Turkish armies with Constantinople through Asia Minor.

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