Sunday, 3 August 2008

BLACKMORE HISTORY NEWS - Ninety Years On. Series Preview

Over the next three months, Blackmore Area Local History will be devoting space to the events of World War One, not from a military history perspective of battles and campaigns but giving, hopefully, a local insight to the effects of the war on the civilian population of Blackmore, Stondon Massey and the surrounding district.

The First World War began on 4th August 1914 and ended on 11th November 1918, so it seems appropriate to begin ninety years ago on its fourth anniversary and end on the date when hostilities ceased.

I will be posting a series of entries recorded in Revd. Edward Reeve’s ‘Notes For A Parish History’. Reeve was Rector of Stondon Massey from 1893 to 1935 and enthusiastic parish historian. On spare evenings, away from clergy duties, he wrote these notes in his study. (Some of this writing may be found in the book ‘Revd. E H L Reeve: Chronicler of the Great War’, currently available).

Every Friday evening, when the Reverend is not found in the study, I will post an entry. There will be notes on the Zeppelin air raids and attacks on London in Gotha aeroplanes.

Links to other sites will be given and some refreshed to give, as far as possible, comprehensive coverage. Also invited are Readers’ Comments and stories for inclusion. Contact me, either through the E mail link here or on the main website:

Above all, the site will be remembering those who served and those who gave their lives in Blackmore and Stondon Massey, whose names are carved on local war memorials.

“In the going down of the sun and in the morning: We will remember them”.

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